Ethiopian Yirgachaffe

Haji (Wild) is our new single origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.
Zuri (Mild) is our Ethiopia/Guatemalan curated blend.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe coffee is considered to be one of the very best coffees in the world. It comes from the region of Yirga Chefe in southern Ethiopia. Yirgacheffe beans are grown slowly in a warm and tropical climate with moderate wet and dry seasons on mountainside "fincas" (farms) at 5400-7200 feet above sea level. The variety, terroir, and processing methods create a brilliant floral body with shimmery citrus notes resulting in a clean, light, complex bean.

Natural Yirgacheffes that are patio dried like our Haji and Zuri Yirgacheffe have an elegant and smooth ‚Äúsilky‚ÄĚ or ‚Äújuicy‚ÄĚ mouthfeel on the tongue.

The single-origin we offer "Haji Yirgacheffe" is intentionally a medium-light roast to retain the incredible bouquet the Yirga Chefe region is known for. Americans tend to prefer darker roasts so we've also created a blend of our single-origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe with our very best Guatemalan single-origin dark roast bringing you a rich, full-bodied Ethiopian/Guatemalan blend that opens up the brightest fruits and richest depth as you've come to expect from Tiny Goat. This blend is called Zuri Yirgacheffe. 

Haji Yirgacheffe Flavor Profile: Citrus, Blackberry, Hazelnut

Zuji Yirgacheffe Flavor Profile: Chocolate, Plum, Citrus, Blackberry & Hazelnut

Roast Intensity: Med-Light Roast for our Single Origin - Haji Yirgacheffe / Med-Dark Roast for our Ethiopian/Guatemalan blend - Zuri Yirgacheffe

Recommended Brew Method: French Press, AeroPress, or Chemex with medium-course grounds and stainless-steel filter. 2 tbsp. coffee beans per 6 oz. distilled water

Haji Yirgacheffe Ethiopian - 32 oz Haji Yirgacheffe Ethiopian - Whole Beans
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Zuri Yirgacheffe Ethiopian - 32 oz Zuri Yirgacheffe Ethiopian - Whole Beans
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