Multi-Dimensional Tasting Kit

You always know when you've tipped the scales of perfection while tasting a new coffee. It lights up all of your senses and sends you spiraling down that rabbit hole of "What am I tasting here on my tongue?" or "What is that delightful mouthfeel I'm experiencing?"

Although we don't currently offer Vietnamese coffee at Tiny Goat, we have praise-worthy respect for the art of brewing coffee Vietnamese style. In fact, we have yet to meet a barista that does not love the phin filter. It truly is (in our humble opinion) far superior to any other slow brew/drip method. Truly, nothing compares to Vietnam’s coffee culture experienced as a social love affair through the lens of a slow filter drip called a “phin”.

Slow-drip phin filters extract a highly concentrated cup of coffee on par with espresso, without the heavenly crema. The anatomy of a phin filter consists of 3 parts - a filter base, brewing chamber, and gravity press. Some  describe the phin filter as a perfect mix between a pour-over and French Press without the sediment or air/water gaps.




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