One tree at a time

Help us replant Yauco's Coffee Farms in Puerto Rico

A portion of every coffee purchase goes towards supplying the necessary care to plant and grow new coffee trees in Puerto Rico after 2017's devastating Category 5 Hurricane Maria.

Over 18 Million Coffee Trees Lost

Following the devastation of hurricane María, coffee farms in Puerto Rico suffered a massive, collective loss upwards of 18 million trees, leaving farmers full of uncertainty with little to no future in sight.

Responsibility & Commitment

Providing a lasting solution is our responsibility. Our goal is to donate a minimum of 250 frontón, limaní and obata coffee trees to coffee farmers in need.

Meet Cletus from Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary in Colorado

Meet Cletus.


Broken Shovels Farm Sanctuary in Colorado has been providing medical, adoption, and human loving support for abused, neglected and unwanted farm animals since 2009. Tiny Goat is on a mission to support Broken Shovels with a monthly financial donation but can only do so with your help. Please help us help these animals by buying beans from our store and/or visiting our tiny nitro truck (coming soon).


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altitude makes all the difference

What makes Tiny Goat special?

We understand that the plumpest, ripest, cherries sourced only from top-rated fair trade farms at the highest altitudes in the world meet our quality standards. All of our cherries (beans) are hand-picked, wet-milled and dried at very low temperatures - methods ideal for preserving their optimal organic character producing a consistent flavor and aromatic experience. A curated selection process, in accordance with the Specialty Coffee Association, ensures every bean we roast meets the highest level of quality.
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